Joel Simon









Hi, I'm Joel


Puppets App

Collaborative online puppet studio and theater. An experiment in creative tools based on principles of craft, play and collaboration by StudioMorphogen.

Ceramic Lamp 2

Hand built ceramic lamp.


A virtual world for exploring and creating images with others.

New Words

Expanding the english language.

Ceramic Lamp 1

Learning the process of slip casting.


An interactive tool to “paint with words.” It incorporates guidable text-to-image generation into a traditional digital painting interface.

GAN Portraits

Generative face collages using machine learning.

Emotional Bounds

Capturing the expressions that most confuse machine learning classifiers. Mapping beyond the bounds of classification allows users to create an intimate understanding of their own spaces of expression.

Derivative Works

Generative face collages using machine learning.

Generative Portraits

Generative faces using genetic algorithms.

Artbreeder Interviews

Generative video of interviews with members of the Artbreeder community about how they are using machine learning and Artbreeder in their creative practices.

Forms Of Life

Experimental generative architecture for artificial life.


A research paper, interactive blog and open-source library for fighting gerrymandering via generative methods.

Reaction Diffusion 3D

View a 3D reaction diffusion simulation in the browser.

Table Lamp 4

Table lamp.

Neural Tablets

An extension of my Dimensions of Dialogue set in clay tablets.

Coral Video

A music video of my Corals project.

Morphogen Site

Website made in reaction diffusion shaders.

Dimensions of Dialogue

Experiments inspired by early proto-writing systems such as cuneiform and hieroglyphs. Here, new writing systems are created by challenging two neural networks to communicate information via images


A website to breed images collaboratively.

Desk Lamp 3

Generative forms art-research

Ecosystem Modelling

Modelling ecosystem simulations


A si-fi short film made during the Imagine Science film festival.

Plant Lamp

A growth lamp for my succulents.

Desk Lamp 2
Evolving Floorplans

Floorplans optimized with a custom genetic algorithm.

Simon Lamps

A website for my lamps.

Desk Lamp 1
Wall Lamp
Sculpture Drop

Simulating the destruction of my sculptures by being dropped in a fracture simulation.

Table lamp 3

Clay figure sculpture cast in plaster.

Table lamp 2
Facebook Graffiti

A collaborative anarchist art making chrome extension.


Parametric geometric sculpture.

Graph Contraction

Graph contraction algorithms applied to 3D meshes.


A life size figure sculpture cast in plaster.

Image To Paint

Software to convert an image to strokes.

Head in Hands
Cornered Hands
Small-talk Robot

A robot that will make small talk with the viewer.

Mosaic Table